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VHF milling bur

LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of Zirconia mills, such as VHF carbide turning pin, Roland turning pin, Zirconia Burs for Dental CAD/CAM, Wieland bur, AMANN GIRRBACH Zirconia turning pin, porcelain tooth milling cutter, etc. We can also produce Zirconia mills of any sizes just according to your requirement.
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VHF milling bur


Material: carbide


Products Description:


LZQ is an OEM factory for all kinds of Zirconia mills, such as VHF carbide turning pin, Roland turning pin, Zirconia Burs for Dental CAD/CAM, Wieland bur, AMANN GIRRBACH Zirconia turning pin, porcelain tooth milling cutter, etc. We can also produce Zirconia mills of any sizes just according to your requirement.

A.  type --products under ordinary speed:speed within or about 10000r/min, for ordinary processng

B.  type--CNC machine prodcuts: under speed 20000r/min-40000r/min

C . type--CNC processing zode products: under speed 40000r/min~60000r/min

D.  type--CNC processing zode special usage products: under speed 60000r/min~80000r/min

E.  type- -CNC processing zode special usage prodcuts: under speed80000r/min~120000r/min


We can hold the length and heigth within tolerance ±0.010mm

with positioning shank/constant magnetic positioning

with rubber ring or snap ring positioning

with gray-black coating (for ceramics) and purple coating(for pure Titanium)


If you need other sizes, we can alsocustomize for you according to your demands!


We can make tools with any material, any shape, special kind, special type, abnormal shapeand precision and tolerance by mirror surface grinding according to your drawings or samples


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